SIM Ep 92 Pod 31: coercive control, creative cussing and canny youths

In this episode, team Noonan, Dunleavy and Offord chat to author Helen Walmsley-Johnson about her new memoir, Look What You Made Me Do, a devastating but brilliant account of domestic violence and coercive control. Language enthusiast Kathy Salaman joins the team to discuss all things swearing and finally put to rest the question of whether profanity's a sign of low intelligence or being really fucking cool (place your bets now, kids), and Our Future Our Choice co-founder Lara Spirit talks about the youth campaign aiming to democratically stop Brexit.

There's ass-kicking birds, evil laughter and Trump ridiculousness in the Bush Telegraph, makeup and Kate Middleton in Sexism of the Week, sportsings in Jenny Off The Block and Dunleavy Does Disney's Up.

Oh, and though we don't usually do a warning and cuss like sailors, this week, we are particularly sweary-ass motherfuckers. Join in – it's fun!

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