F**k you, Rod Wallace!

It's all come down... to this. The heart-pounding finale of Sports Horn: Season one!

Ian Fiveankles... fresh from untangling an ugly web of deception, poor lighting, and wipe-clean latex - finally gets his revenge on his lifelong enemy, Rod Wallace. Or does he?

Sports Horn will return for Season 2 shortly, but in the meantime tell your friends about this one! And if you're in London on the 16th September, you can see Anthony Richardson and Ian Fiveankles LIVE at the Podcast Festival 2023: https://www.kingsplace.co.uk/whats-on/comedy/sports-horn/


Sports Horn is a sitcom hosted by comedians Anthony Richardson and Mark Davison, best known collectively as the popular online sketch duo 'The Exploding Heads'.

Sports Horn is a Stak Production.

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