With ... Rupert Hill

This week, the SOS bar has a more refined air, which of course has NOTHING to do with hosts Lou and Sally-Anne, but EVERYTHING to do with this week's guest, who happens to be actor and prolific publican, Rupert Hill!

Fans of Coronation Street might remember him for his star-turn as Jamie Baldwin and as you'll hear from his stories of that time, much debauchery was had on those cobbles -well, after work really, but I'm sure a few hangovers were nursed in Roy's Rolls.

In fact, Rupert had SO much fun, that these days his tipple of choice is a lovely cup of tea, which is what everyone is sipping to hear our guest talk about the time a household name found a rather unusual method of getting home after a night on the razzle and when Rupert behaved in a rather unorthodox manner at Euston Station .... ENJOY!!

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