With ... Abi Clarke

And they're BACK! Did you miss them? Of COURSE you did! Yes Lou and Sally-Anne are here again and the SOS bar is well and truly open! 

So much has happened to our hosts since we last saw them, so have a listen to catch-up with all their gossip AND if you want to know how to make a banging Pornstar Martini, because comedian Abi Clarke has THE recipe and just so happens to be this week's guest!

Whilst the gang debates which fruit is and isn't acceptable to add to this week's drink of choice, we also get to hear some frankly hilarious tales of awkward teenage parties AND our hosts and guest also put the world to rights about feeling 'shame' about our bodies and why it's time for more realistic approach to body image for women and girls ...see it's not all falling asleep in hedges is it? Well, there's a bit of that obviously... IT'S GREAT TO BE BACK!

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