103. You’re Not Broken: How to Release the Shame of Mental Health Challenges

Everyone experiences mental health challenges. Yet, wading through these difficult times can feel isolating or as if there is something wrong with you. The truth is, you’re not alone; many people struggle in the exact same way. In this mini episode of Spiritually Hungry, Monica and Michael lift the shame of mental health issues and discuss how to reframe your assumptions in order to overcome shame and hopelessness.

“I think we need to embrace a messy life. And a messy life means there’s no room for perfection. That word is not even in your lexicon. That means each day you can have a plan—if it happens, great. If it doesn’t, then just embrace it. It’s probably going to be better than the one you had anticipated. There’s true freedom and joy in being the creator of your life.”

– Monica Berg