67. Staying Centered: How to Avoid Being Dragged Into the Emotional Turmoil of Others

How do we maintain equilibrium and stay true to ourselves in the midst of an emotionally fraught situation? How do we navigate empathy without getting dragged into someone else’s emotional turmoil? Emotions are contagious and the people around us can be some of the most influential factors in determining our state of wellbeing. By reframing our challenging relationships and realizing that every person and every situation in our lives has a purpose, we can see negative interactions as an opportunity to grow. Tune in as Monica and Michael share tips and tools for staying centered and avoiding the influence of negativity around us, so we continue working towards the person we ultimately want to be.

“We are the arbiters of what is right or wrong for ourselves. Part of our spiritual development is to everyday care less and less about what strangers, as well as people in our lives, think of us. ” – Michael Berg