Episode 99: Kate Ferdinand

Kate Ferdinand is a TV personality and author who is married to footballer Rio Ferdinand. Kate was best known on TV for appearing on Towie and now has a successful podcast called Blended. 1 in 4 families in Britain are now blended and Kate is stepmum to Rio's 3 older children Lorenz, Tate and Tia. She loves them as her own children. She and Rio also have a toddler called Cree and she is expecting a new baby next month. So soon she'll have five children, just like me!

Kate talked to me about her two books. How to Build a Family, in which she shares tips about being a step parent. And a children's book called The Family Tree about a blended family but from a child's point of view.

She talked to me very candidly about how she feels that she and Rio saved each other when they met. And having grown up in a blended family myself, I was genuinely moved by the love she so clearly has for their older children.

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