3D Printing In-house!

In our new season, we kick off with a Tech chat with Graham Turner from the innovative and straight talking Australian 3D printing company Asiga and with Dr. Gary Yeung- dentist and tech nerd.

We meander through a range of subjects from how Graham got into 3D printing and how additive manufacturing is changing the orthodontic industry. We give pointers for clinicians on how to get started and how to fit this new technology into everyday practice.

Gary and I can be contacted on the emails below:

  • Dr. Gary Yeung | Managing DirectorSynergy Health, Dental & Medical Pty Limited. g.yeung@synergyhdm.com
  • Finn Geoghegan: Finn.geoghegan@sop.ie

Music by the very talented Sarah and Jessica Bennett, Portlaoise!

Editing and hard work by Laura Gutberg, head of Digital technology, SOP and Totally Wired Orthodontics

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