Kids and birthdays in the age of Covid | Ep 210

This week, our oldest girls turned 15 and 16 (eep!) and we found some interesting ways to celebrate. So we really wanted to have an honest, helpful discussion about kids' birthday in the age of Covid, including party alternatives, finding joy in small gestures, acknowledging the loss and the FOMO, and above all, remembering that celebrating our kids' milestones should be about love...not Instagram. We think you'll come away with a lot to think about. Plus, you get to find out why a "ball-inator" is a big deal in Liz's home on birthdays. (Don't worry, it's safe for all ages.) // Show notes and links: Cool Mom Picks Podcast page // Spawned Podcast Community FB page // Much thanks to this week's cool sponsors, Breyer's CarbSmart and Cisco's Global Problem Solvers: The Series.