ELECTION FACT CHECK: Why voting by mail is safe + important | Ep 215

Whether you're pinned to election coverage right now, or avoiding it completely, we think everyone should listen to this interview with Amber McReynolds, CEO of the bipartisan National Vote at Home Institute. She's got the real facts (as in, not alternative facts) about voting by mail and absentee ballots. You'll learn some of the benefits we hadn't considered, the positive changes that vote-by-mail can make to our democracy, why voter fraud by mail is nearly impossible -- and the extra special advantage that voting by mail can have for parents. Take a listen right now! We walked away so much smarter from this interview and we hope you will too. // Graciously brought to you by PerfectClean - save 25% with discount code COOL // Shownotes: Cool Mom Picks // Thanks so much for subscribing, and for your kind reviews which help support our show. And don't forget to V O T E !