Can I send my kids back to school during Covid-19? | Ep 211

There's really only one topic we could think to cover this week: What to do about back-to-school in 2020, during the Covid pandemic. We don't have the right answer for you (and FFS let's not turn this into the next mommy wars) but we do have a terrific list of 14 considerations we've seen parents discussing -- including plenty you might not have thought about at all just yet. Take a deep breath, take a listen, and then think about the decision that feels right in your gut. Even if it changes in a week. Or a day. We have to start somewhere. // Show notes and helpful links from the show on Cool Mom Picks. // Discuss this topic with us in the Spawned podcast community on FB // Gratitude to our sponsor, Breyers Ice Cream for making this week's. episode possible. // Don't forget to subscribe! Lots to discuss these days. Hoo boy.