Virgin Plans its First New Mexico Space Launch this Month

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 123

*Virgin plans its first New Mexico space launch this month

Virgin Galactic plans to undertake its first manned space flight from its new New Mexico spaceport within the next few weeks.

*Rocket lab launches its fifth flight this year

There’s still no launch date for Rocket labs first Electron flight from its new Wallops Island Launch complex on the Virginian Mid-Atlantic coast.

*A second cable fails at the Arecibo Observatory

Engineers are working to stabilize key equipment at the 305 metre Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico after another of the giant radio telescope’s main support cable suddenly snapped.

*The Science Report

Production begins in Australia on a COVID-19 vaccine.

Being exposed to cannabis in the womb may negatively affect kids' mental health.

Mega-droughts lasting two decades or longer –to increase because of climate change.

Coffee could lower your risk of colorectal cancer.

Alex on Tech: Some Android apps to vanish next year and new IOS security updates launched.

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