Serious Questions Continue

*Serious questions continue over sciences understanding of cosmic history
It’s becoming increasingly clear that scientists will need to rethink their understanding of the fundamental history of the Universe.  A new set of precision distance measurements reported in the Astrophysical Journal Letters have reinforced discrepancies in two competing values for the Hubble constant which describes the expansion rate of the universe.
*Pilbara meteor lights up early morning outback skies
Well, despite what you may have heard elsewhere, the bright green fireball which streaked across the remote Pilbara skies last weekend was not space junk or the giant asteroid 2002 NN4 – it was just a small meteor -- and it didn’t fall to Earth -- but rather grazed the upper atmosphere before continuing on its journey through interplanetary space.
*SpaceX keeping a busy launch schedule
SpaceX has been maintaining a busy space launch schedule with another Falcon 9 rocket successfully lifting off with another 58 Starlink internet communications satellites as well as 3 SkySat Earth observation spacecraft.
*The Science Report
New study confirms the use of facemasks has been effective in reducing the transmission of COVID-19.
Healthy eating rather than conforming to a single diet is the best way to lower Heart Disease risk.
Mysterious radioactive cloud over Europe came from nuclear power station.
New study confirms dogs know when they’re being treated unfairly.
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