Scientists Create a New Type of Atom

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 50

*Scientists create a new type of atom

Physicists have created a new never before seen exotic atom called Pionic Helium. Researchers created the particle to study the properties of a subatomic particle called a meson.


*The Sun is less active than most stars

A new study has found the Sun is at least five times less active than other similar stars. A report in the journal Science based on an analysis of 369 Sun-like stars shows that solar brightness variations are extremely weak – just 0.07 percent -- compared to other stars.


*Elongating blobs of molten metals causing Earth’s magnetic north to move

New data suggests a pair of giant elongating magnetic blobs deep below the Earth’s surface are causing the planet’s north magnetic pole to move at an ever-increasing rate from its current position in the Canadian arctic towards Siberia. 


*The Science Report

There have been positive early results from a phase 1 clinical trial of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine.

Current greenhouse gas emissions could cause more frequent and longer dust bowl heatwaves.

Archaeologists discover rare 2000 year old coin at a dig site near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

New study finds Dr Google is usually wrong.

New naturopathic centre opens in Australia’s new age hippie capital.


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