Queensland Company Wins Australian Orbital Rocket Contract

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 51

*Queensland company wins Australian orbital rocket contract

The Australian Department of Defence Science and Technology has awarded Queensland-based Gilmour Space a contract to develop a new orbital rocket launch system.


*WFIRST Dark Energy Telescope renamed after Nancy Grace Roman

NASA has formally named its Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope – WFIRST -- in honour of the agency’s first chief astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, who paved the way for space telescopes like Hubble to observe the universe from orbit – above the effects of Earth’s atmosphere.





*Lunar tee pee

The European Space Agency has developed a new use for urine as a superplasticiser for making a robust type of concrete on the Moon.


*The Science Report

Autopsies of patients who died of COVID-19 show the virus is present in multiple organs.

New study shows COVID-19 can be passed from cat to cat but questions remain about dogs.

Global warming making cyclones and hurricanes stronger and more intense.

Scientists develop a new prototype quantum radar device.


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