Nearby Supernova Exploded Just Two and a Half Million Years Ago

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 112

*Nearby supernova exploded just two and a half million years ago

Scientists have found telltale chemical signatures of a massive star between 11 and 20 times the mass of our Sun going supernova just two and a half million years ago in our stellar neighbourhood.

*A successful 13th test flight for New Shepard

Blue Origin has successfully completed its13th and latest test flight of its New Shepard spacecraft which will eventually carry tourists to the edge of space.

*New top-secret satellite ground station begins operations

A new highly classified Satellite Ground Station for the Wideband Global Satellite Communications system has now gone operational near Geraldton in Western Australia.

*The Science Report

Smartphone abuse linked to suicidal behaviour in teens.

Trying to save the endangered sawfish.

The new solar panel design which could increase light absorption by 125%.

Purr-fecting the art of bonding with cats.

Skeptics guide to Northern Territory politics.


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