NASA Canberra Upgrade to Affect the Voyager 2 Spacecraft

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 29

*NASA Canberra upgrade to affect the Voyager 2 spacecraft

NASA is undertaking a critical upgrade of its 70 metre Deep Space Network radio antenna near Canberra (Australia).


*A whole new generation of European Launch Vehicles about the fly

The European Space Agency is preparing to begin flights with two new rocket launch systems this year the Ariane 6 and the Vega-C.


*A new mission to study Giant Solar Particle Storms

NASA has selected a new mission to study how the Sun generates and releases giant space weather events - known as solar particle storms.


*More Chinese military spy satellites launched

China has launched another three Yaogan-30 signet intelligence-gathering reconnaissance satellites.


*The Science Report

Claims 42,000 people have died in Wuhan from COVID-19 rather than the 3,300 claimed by Beijing. 

Studies show the number of intensive care COVID-19 patients in Italy increased exponentially for 18 days.

20 percent of people over 80 infected with COVID-19 likely to require hospitalization.

Discovery of a new species of velociraptor in New Mexico.

Could Australia have the longest continuous cliff line in the world?


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