Mysterious Objects Discovered in Deep Space

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 74

*Mysterious objects discovered in deep space

Astronomers have discovered something new lurking out in the depths of space – a series of four faint circular radio objects they’ve dubbed odd radio circles or ORCs – which are unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

*Square Kilometre Array construction about to begin

Construction will finally begin next year on the what will be the world’s largest telescope – the Square Kilometre Array.

*A comet sky show spectacular

Well if you’re listening in the northern hemisphere and you haven’t checked it out yet you really should go outside and scope out Comet NEOWISE.

*The Science Report

Human trials of a potential new COVID-19 vaccine have begun in Queensland.

The World Health Organization slammed after confirming that it won’t visit the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

A new study warns that animals will struggle to adapt to the warming effects of climate change.

It seems hearing could be the last sense to go during the process of dying.

Sceptics guide: 7 traits of conspiratorial thinking.


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