Magnetars and Fast Radio Bursts

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 122

*More evidence linking Magnetars to mysterious Fast Radio Bursts

Astronomers have identified a sudden and violent outburst from a type of neutron star called a magnetar, as the likely source for those mysterious events known as Fast Radio Bursts.

*New data release helps explain the evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy

Astronomers have just released GALAH DR3 – the largest set of stellar chemical data ever compiled. The study was undertaken at the Siding Spring Observatory in far western New South Wales.

*A new way of discovering Brown Dwarfs

Astronomers have for the first time ever detected a failed star known as a brown dwarf from its radio emissions.

*The Science Report

Early phase three trial results showing a better than 90% success rate for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Global warming causing the planet’s fresh water lakes to begin heating up.

New study claims it’s best to just be yourself on facebook.

Researchers say it’s not just how much you exercise but also intensity that counts.

Skeptics watch: Do anti-vaxxers really understand science.

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