Detecting Invisible Monsters Floating Unseen In Space

SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 69
*Detecting invisible monsters floating unseen in space
Astronomers may have discovered the first free-floating black hole in the Milky Way galaxy – an invisible monster devouring anything that gets too close.
*NASA loses two hurricane monitoring satellites during launch
Two small NASA satellites designed to study hurricane development have been destroyed after their Astra Rocket 3.3 launch vehicle failed to reach orbit during its accent from the Cape Canaveral Space Force base in Florida.
*Iran breaches more nuclear agreements as it prepares for another missile test
Iran has confirmed its gearing up for more missile tests despite United Nations resolutions agreed to by the Islamic republic preventing Tehran from developing nuclear weapons or their delivery systems.
*The Science Report
Microplastics discovered in Antarctica for the first time.
New study says the Black Death may have originated in modern day Kyrgyzstan
A new study shows that as well as sending your cat nuts catnip also keeps insects away.
Skeptic's guide to the Shroud of Turin

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