GAIA’s Long Awaited Third Data Release

SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 68
*A treasure trove of galactic information in GAIA’s long awaited third data release
The European Space Agency has finally published the long awaited GAIA mission third data release. The findings represent the most detailed survey so far of our home galaxy the Milky Way.
*Europe approves a new Comet Interceptor Mission
The European Space Agency has approved a new mission to intercept an interstellar comet or asteroid.
*James Webb space telescope hit by micrometeoroid
NASA’s brand new ten billion dollar James Webb space telescope has been hit by a micrometeoroid.
*The Science Report
Warnings the current ongoing La Niña event could last till December.
Discovery of a link between living near fracking sites while pregnant and baby development.
Fossils of a new kind of theropod dinosaur discovered in Egypt’s western Desert.
Alex on Tech: the plague of facial recognition software.
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