Evidence That Earth’s Inner Core Oscillates

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 67
*Evidence that Earth’s inner core oscillates
Scientists have discovered that the Earth’s inner core oscillates, contradicting previously accepted models that suggested it consistently rotates at a faster rate than the planet’s surface.
*A new look at planet Earth’s plate tectonics
Scientists have developed new models providing a more detailed view of planet Earth’s extensive system of plate tectonics and how the continents are assembled.
*NASA to study UFOs
NASA is to undertake its own independent study of unidentified aerial phenomena better known to us as UFOs.
Meanwhile, the internet is abuzz with claims by China that its FAST radio telescope may have picked up signals from an alien civilization -- But others are saying not so fast.
*The Science Report
Neurodevelopmental issues found in some kids born to COVID mothers.
A new study has linked vitamin D deficiency to dementia.
Paleontologists have identified the remains of what could be Europe’s largest ever dinosaur.
Skeptic's guide to ghosts in the asylum.
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