New Evidence On Earth Of An Ancient Supernova

SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 63
*New evidence on Earth of an ancient supernova
New chemistry forensics suggests that a meteorite named Hypatia which was discovered in the Egyptian desert might be the first tangible evidence found on Earth of a thermonuclear or type 1a supernova explosion. These rare supernovae are some of the most energetic events in the universe – stellar explosions powerful enough to briefly outshine an entire galaxy.
*Preparing for an Earth Observation satellite mission
Europe’s highly successful Copernicus Earth observation programme is designed to monitor the environmental changes the planet has been undergoing as it continues to change under the growing influence of global warming. The Sentinel satellites being launched as part of that program are providing scientists with an eye in the sky to study the incremental impacts of climate change.
*India’s manned space program reaches another milestone
The Indian Space Research Organisation – ISRO – has completed a 135 second static test firing of its new human rated HS-200 strap on Solid Rocket Booster. The booster engine would form part of a human rated version of the Mark-III Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle.
*The Science Report
The World Meteorological Organization’s latest State of the Global Climate report.
A third of European kids now officially classified as being overweight or obese.
New study shows cats know their own names and those of the rest of the family.
Skeptic's guide shows homeopathic COVID treatment doesn’t work.

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