The Biggest Marsquake Ever Recorded

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 56
*The biggest Marsquake ever recorded
Astronomers have detected the largest marsquake ever recorded on the red planet.
*Psyche mission moves closer to launch
NASA’s Psyche spacecraft is now undergoing final processing at the Kennedy Space Center prior to its launch to the asteroid Psyche in August.
*A survivor discovered in a massive supernova blast
Astronomers have discovered a surviving companion star in aftermath of a massive supernova explosion.
*The Science Report
Blood tests could eventually replace skin biopsies to look for signs of skin cancer.
Two thirds of Australian’s say cigarette sales should be ended.
A new study warns that too much cell phone use could affect sperm's ability to move.
Alex on Tech looks at a drop in global PC sales and what are NFTs?
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