A New Type Of Stellar Explosion

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 52
*A new type of stellar explosion
Astronomers have discovered a new kind of stellar explosion that could be commonplace in the universe and may change our understanding of how eruptions in stars occur.
*Rocket lab catches an Electron in mid air
Rocket Lab has successfully undertaken the mid-air helicopter capture of a New Zealand Electron rocket following its launch – almost.
*First solar eclipse for 2022
South America and the Antarctic have witnessed the first solar eclipse of the year with the Moon partially blocking out the Sun in an arc sweeping from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.
*The Science Report
Scientists have confirmed that the past summer was the hottest on record in Europe.
How to reduce cancer risk in seniors by as much as 61 percent.
Discovery of what appear to be medieval hand grenades dating back to the Crusades.
Skeptic's guide to the pseudoscience of de-vaccination.
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