Earths Seafloor Spreading Slowing Down

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 50
*Seafloor spreading slowing down
A new study claims that sea floor spreading of the Earth’s tectonic plates along the planet’s mid ocean ridges has been slowing down.
*Discovery of the hottest rock on Earth
Geologists in Canada have confirmed the discovery of what was once the hottest rock on Earth.
*Confirmation that the Milky Way’s disk isn’t flat but curved and warped
Astronomers have used thousands of variable stars to develop a three dimensional map of a quadrant of the Milky Way confirming the galaxy’s disk is not flat but curved in shape like a S.
*The Science Report
People with heart problems at risk of developing more severe COVID.
A new study looking at the sleeping issues of people living near wind farms.
A previously presumed extinct species of Victorian Orchid rediscovered in New South Wales.
Alex on Tech Sky Muster faces the Starlink challenge.
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