Why Venus Rotates So Slowly And In The Wrong Direction

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 49
*Why Venus rotates so slowly and in the wrong direction
A new study suggests the planet Venus is gravitationally tidally locked to the Sun – and this explains why it’s so strange compared to the Earth.
*Perseverance arrives at its primary target on the red planet
NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover has finally arrived at its ultimate destination on the red planet – an ancient dried up river delta in Jezero Crater that may provide evidence of life on another world.
*Humanity’s latest proposed Beacon in to the Galaxy
Scientists have developed a new proposal to send a greeting from the people of planet Earth out into deep space – letting the universe know we’re here.
*The Science Report
Study shows that getting vaccinated after recovering from COVID-19 gives stronger immune response.
A new study is warning that micro plastics are finding their way into the food chain.
The most common injuries for riders of e-scooters.
Skeptic's guide to the science of ghosts
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