The Mystery Remains

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 7
*The Galaxy’s supermassive black hole maintains its mystery
A new study has shown that Sagittarius A* -- the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy -- is unpredictable, erupting and flaring irregularly not just from day to day, but also in the long term.
*Discovery of one of the biggest structures in the Milky Way
Astronomers have identified a massive 3,900 light-years long filament of atomic hydrogen.
*Australia’s largest rocket engine test declared a success
Gilmour Space Technologies say they’re still on track to reach orbit this year with their new Eris rocket.
*Earth’s volcanic hotspots are surprisingly cool
A new study has found that some of the so-called hotspots that create volcanic islands like those of Hawai’i and Iceland are surprisingly cool and so may not originate from active lava plumes in Earth’s deep mantle.
*The Science Report
Australia records its hottest day in 62 years with a blistering 50.7 degrees.
COVID-19 corona virus could spread more quickly among those exposed to higher air pollution.
The world’s first pig to human heart transplant.
Teaching a gold fish to drive a car.
Skeptic's guide to fake Christian websites

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