New Study Measures Antimatter’s Reaction to Gravity

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 4
*New study measures antimatter’s reaction to gravity
A new study has confirmed that matter and antimatter both respond the same way to gravity.
*Joint European and Russian mission to the Moon
The European Space Agency will include a drill and sample analysis package aboard the Russian Luna-27 mission to the Moon’s South Polar region in 2025.
*James Webb deployment underway
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has successfully begun the long and complicated process of unfurling and reconfiguring itself for operations.
*An Update on the asteroid Apophis
A new forecast by the Russian Emergencies Ministry warns that the asteroid Apophis close encounter with the Earth in 2029 will see the mountain sized space rock skim over the planet’s surface at an altitude of just 35,700 kilometres – closer than the orbits of geostationary satellites.
*The Science Report
Microplastics polluting the planet thousands of kilometres from their origin.
Paleontologists find a new species of long necked sauropod dinosaur in China.
A new study has shown that for the most part hangover cures don’t work
Skeptic's guide to the paranormal
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