Solar Orbiter Publishes a Stunning Wealth of Science Results from its Cruise Phase

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 3
*Solar Orbiter publishes a wealth of science results from its cruise phase
Scientists are busy sifting through a wealth of data from the European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter mission which is studying our local star – the Sun.
*How NASA’s Curiosity Rover Is Making Mars Safer for Astronauts
A radiation sensor aboard NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover is providing scientists with key data to help prepare humans for life on the red planet next decade.
*Electrons big brother – the neutron rocket
Rocket lab are developing a new launch vehicle designed to carry far bigger payloads than the company’s current two stage Electron rocket.
*Starlink under fire for crowded skies
Beijing has slammed Elon Musk and SpaceX following two close encounters between China’s new Tiangong space station and Starlink’s ever growing constellation of broadband internet satellites.
*The Science Report
How global warming is impacting tropical rain forest bird populations
Claims a malicious code was discovered embedded in a Huawei software update.
An exquisitely preserved fossilized dinosaur embryo discovered in southern China.
A new study claims wine grapes may have originated in western Asia.
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