Earth and Mars Were Formed from Inner Solar System Material

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SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 2
*Earth and Mars were formed from inner Solar System material
A new study has confirmed that the Earth and Mars were formed from material that largely originated in the inner Solar System – with only a tiny few percent originating beyond Jupiter's orbit.
*Black holes carve out gigantic bubbles in a massive galaxy cluster
Astronomers have found four enormous cavities, or bubbles, at the centre of a galactic cluster which appear to have been carved out by a pair of erupting supermassive black holes closely orbiting each other.
*France launches its new signet spy satellites
Arianespace has successfully launched a Vega rocket carrying three new French spy satellites into orbit.
*A Turkish delight in orbit
SpaceX have launched a new Turkish telecommunications satellite.
*The Science Report
Warnings that the Thwaites Glacier could shatter part of the Antarctic ice shelf within five years.
The top 10 government-subsidised medicines prescribed in Australia.
The Australian Army to build self-propelled 155 mm howitzers.
How smart are brain surgeons and rocket scientists really.
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