DAVINCI Mission to Study Venus

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SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 134
*DAVINCI mission to study Venus
NASA’s DAVINCI -- Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble gases, Chemistry and Imaging mission will launch in 2029.
*Evidence of an exploding comet discovered in Chile
A new study has revealed that slabs of silicate glass covering the ground in Chile’s Atacama Desert were caused by a comet.
*Ingenuity undertakes its 15th flight on Mars
NASA's Mars Ingenuity helicopter has undertaken its 15th flight in the skies above Jezero crater on the first leg of a journey taking it back to its starting point from where it took off on its first ever flight on the red planet.
*The Science Report
Tragedy at a Nebraska zoo where three extremely rare snow leopards have died of COVID-19.
Effects of global warming on soils could see food and fibre production affected by fungal plant pathogens.
Extinct Japanese wolf might be the domestic dogs closest relative.
Alex on Tech – Apple launches a self-service repair program.

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