Russia Slammed for Anti-Satellite Missile Test

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SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 133
*Russia slammed for anti-satellite missile test
Russia has been condemned by nations around the world for conducting an anti-satellite missile test which not only threatened the International Space Station and its crew – but has produced a growing cloud of shrapnel and debris that will remain a threat to space navigation for decades to come.
*DART planetary defense mission ready for launch
All systems are go for this weeks the launch of NASA’s Dart planetary defense mission. DART is part of a joint NASA European Space Agency mission to slam an impactor into a pyramid sized moon orbiting a mountain sized near Earth asteroid.
*Fate of sinking tectonic plates revealed
A new study claims Earth’s tectonic plates remain intact though weakened as they sink down into the planet’s mantel.
*The Science Report
Increased greenhouse gas levels confirmed as main drivers of global warming.
New never before seen mineral found inside a diamond hauled up from deep below the Earth’s surface.
Palaeontologists have identified a new species of dinosaur in Greenland.
Skeptic's guide to the annual bent spoon award.
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