Starliner Test Flight Delayed till Next Year

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SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 129
*Starliner test flight delayed till next year
Boeing says its troubled CST-100 Starliner spacecraft will now undertake an unmanned test flight to the International Space Station in the first half of next year.
*Laser communications system about to launch
NASA are about to launch a new optical laser communications system. The Laser Communications Relay Demonstration will fly aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V 551 rocket from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.
*China launches new top secret satellite
China has launched a new top secret spacecraft aboard a long March 3B rocket from the Xichang satellite launch centre in south western China’s Sichuan province.
*South Korea launches first domestic space rocket
South Korea has launched its first fully locally built orbital rocket. However, the 47 metre tall KSLV-II or Nuri -- failed to place its 1.5 tonne dummy payload into its planned 700 kilometre high orbit after the third stage shut down 46 seconds early – preventing the mission from achieving orbital velocity.
*The Science Report
Pets infected with COVID-19 likely to end up with acute onset of heart disease.
Paleoanthropologists name new species of ancient human ancestor: Homo bodoensis.
Study shows dogs learn words the same way people do.
Skeptic's guide to what your pseudoscience beliefs say about your character traits

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