Climate Change on Mars

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SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 86
*Climate change on Mars
NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has been studying geologic evidence of massive ancient climate change on the red planet.
*Heavy metal found in comets
Astronomers have discovered iron and nickel in the atmospheres of comets throughout our Solar System, even those far from the Sun.
*India tests engines for its new manned spacecraft
India is continuing with plans to launch its first manned space craft on an unmanned test flight this year.
*China launches more spy satellites
China has launched another three Yaogan 30 signet electronic signals intelligence gathering spy satellites
*Israel plans a science mission to the Moon to help the world’s school kids
SpaceIL the non-profit Israeli initiative whose spacecraft crashed during a lunar landing attempt two years ago have secured enough funding to attempt a second Moon mission.
*The Science Report
A possible link between the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and facial paralysis.
Alcohol consumption was linked to more than 740,000 new cancer cases in 2020.
Just seven percent of your genome is uniquely shared with other humans.
Growing concerns over new syndrome killing rainbow Lorikeets.
Alex on Tech Samsung’s enormous 110 inches

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