The Mystery of the Martian South Pole

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SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 81
*The mystery of the Martian south pole
Scientists taking another look at data from the European Space Agency’s Mars Express orbiter have had a rethink about what they’re seeing under the Martian south pole.
*Mars helicopter most challenging flight yet
NASA’s Mars Ingenuity Helicopter has successfully completed its ninth and most challenging flight yet on the Red Planet.
*NASA’s exoplanet watch for citizen scientists
If you have access to a small backyard telescope and you want to help NASA -- they have a citizen scientist project for you.
*China launches five new satellites
China has launched another five spy satellites as it continues its build up towards war.
*The Science Report
New study confirms earlier reports that COVID-19 emerged in China on November 17 2019.
Scientists find an Antarctic lake has suddenly disappeared.
A new study has found that around two in every three Australians are now overweight or obese.
A new study claims day dreaming may simply be a sign that your brain is falling asleep.
Skeptic's guide to anti-maskers ready to start masking

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