A Sign Of Life on Enceladus?

SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 80
*Could mystery methane plumes discovered on Enceladus be a sign of life
A new study suggests that methane detected on the Saturnian ice moon Enceladus could be a sign of life.
*Plate tectonics on Venus
Astronomers may have finally detected evidence of plate tectonics on Venus.
*Earth hit by powerful X class solar flare
The Sun has emitted its first X-class solar flare of the new Solar Cycle 25. X class flares are the most powerful of all solar flare categories and are commonly responsible for the deepest radio blackouts and the most intense geomagnetic storms.
*Progress cargo ship docks with Space Station
A Russian Soyuz 2.1A rocket has successfully launched the 169th Progress cargo ship carrying almost two and a half tonnes of supplies to the International Space Station.
*The Science Report
A new record high temperature for the Antarctic of 18.3 degrees Celsius.
Lower levels of Ultraviolet B wavelength light has been linked with higher rates of bowel cancer.
Raytheon awarded a contract to develop a new air-launched, long-range cruise missile.
Huawei banned from Sweden’s 5g equipment rollout on grounds of national security.
Alex on Tech: Star Trek’s universal translator becomes reality.

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