Finding Our Place in the Universe

*Finding our place in the Universe
Deep sea ocean sediments are helping scientists better understand the complicated structure of our local galactic neighbourhood.
*New Zealand’s rocket lab back in the air
Rocket Lab has successfully placed a new Earth observation satellite into orbit. The flight was the first since July’s failed launch attempt.
*Project starship gathers pace
SpaceX boss Elon Musk says his interplanetary colonial transport rocket -- Starship could undertake its first orbital test flight as soon as next year.
*Another meteor show for Sydney
Another Meteor has been spotted streaking across the Sydney night skies. The latest cosmic encounter lit up the heavens at 6 44 in the evening being witnessed by thousands of people who recorded the sky show on their cell phones and dash cams.
*The Science Report
A new study warns that about 1 in 5 kids with COVID 19 are asymptomatic.
Warnings that eating ultra-processed foods makes you age faster.
A 60 per cent chance of a weak La Niña event developing during September, October and November.
A new study warns that asphalt is a worse pollutant than both unleaded and diesel combined.
Skeptics guide -- why people cling to conspiracy theories in uncertain times.

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