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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 38

*Stars dancing around a monster black hole prove Einstein was right again

Astronomers have confirmed that stars orbit a supermassive black hole exactly as predicted by the great Professor Albert Einstein in his general Theory of Relativity – which explains gravity.







*Interstellar comet 21/Borisov originated from a red dwarf

New observations suggest interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov probably originated in a star system around a red dwarf.



*May 27 named as date for America’s return to launching people into space

Nasa has confirmed Americans will resume flying into space from American soil on May 27. The United States has been relying on Russian Soyuz flight to get people into space ever since the early retirement of the Space Shuttle fleet with the landing of Atlantis on STS 135 way back on July 21st 2011.


*Iran launches Military Spy Satellite

Tensions between the west and Iran are continuing to escalate with the Islamic republic undertaking another missile test in violation of its United Nations anti-nuclear agreements.


*The Science Report

People infected with COVID-19 may be most contagious a day or two before they start to feel ill.

Significant improvements for COVID-19 patients given antibody rich plasma.

A link found between toddlers watching TV at 12 months and symptoms of autism.

Concentrations of atmospheric methane has reached record levels.

Ten scientific explanations for paranormal activity.


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