Earth May Have Been Wet Since it Formed

*Meteorite study suggests Earth may have been wet since it formed
A new study of meteorites suggests Earth may always have been wet. The findings reported in the journal Science add a new chapter in to ongoing debate about the origins of Earth’s water.
*NASA’s planet-hunting TESS spacecraft completes its primary mission
NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite – TESS – has finished its primary mission, imaging about 75% of the starry sky as part of a two-year-long survey.
*China launches its 189th spy satellite
China has successfully launched a new spy satellite as part of its ongoing program to provide Beijing with continuous uninterrupted satellite coverage of key strategic areas of the globe such as the South China Sea, the Taiwan straight, the border with India, Tibet, the citizens of Hong Kong and its Belt and Road initiative interests.
*The Science Report
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