Earth’s Magnetic Field Continues to Weaken

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 55

*Earth’s magnetic field continues to weaken

A new study shows that the Earth’s magnetic field is continuing to weaken around the South Atlantic Anomaly – an area stretching from Africa to South America – which some scientists speculate could signify the start of a flip in Earth’s polarity.

*New results raising more questions about the foundations of the cosmos 

Scientists analysing data from particle collisions have been getting strange results which seem to be pointing to mysterious new physics.

*Chinese Internet of Things satellites placed in orbit

China has successfully launched a pair of Internet of Things communications satellites.

*The Dobsonian Telescope

Dobsonian telescopes are a type of altazimuth-mounted Newtonian telescope design, popularised by John Dobson and designed to get as much light into your telescope as possible for the least cost.

*The Science Report

Growing fears that COVID-19 could be transmitted through the eyes.

New evidence show that parts of the Eastern Highlands of Victoria are still growing.

Russia's new Zircon hypersonic cruise missile about to undertake its first underwater test-launch.

A colourful new species of velvet gecko from the Northern Territory’s Groote Eylandt.

Past Bent Spoon winners vie for the dishonour in 2020


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