Discovery of a Cosmic Ring of Fire

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 68

*Discovery of a cosmic ring of fire

Astronomers have captured an image of a super-rare type of galaxy -- described as a “cosmic ring of fire”. 


*The black hole that generated light

Astronomers have for the first-time detected light coming from the merging of a pair of black holes.


*A new name for an asteroid that’s about to be hit by a missile

The International Astronomical Union has approved an official name for a tiny asteroid moon set to become the first-ever target of an asteroid deflection mission.


*The United States Space Force launches most accurate GPS satellite ever

The United States Space Force has launched its newest and most accurate global positioning system navigation satellite. 


*The Science Report

One in seven kids who develop Kawasaki-like COVID-19 syndrome develop nerve and brain problems.

Koala populations will be extinct in New South Wales by 2050.

Scientists build the world’s smallest motor.

A new study says a little drinkie at the end of the day might not be a bad thing as you get older.


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