Seven billion year old star dust discovered in meteorite

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SpaceTime 20200122 Series 23 Episode 07


*Seven billion year old star dust discovered in meteorite

Scientists studying the famous Murchison meteorite which fell to Earth in Victoria in 1969 have discovered seven billion year old pre-solar grains – the oldest material ever found on Earth.


*Farewell Spitzer

NASA is saying good bye to an old friend. One of the agencies four Great Observatories – the legendary Spitzer Space Telescope is being retired.


*Russian spy satellite breaks up in orbit

There’s growing evidence a top secret Russian spy satellite has broken apart in orbit.


*Great Melbourne Telescope back on public display

The Great Melbourne Telescope has gone on public display as part of celebrations marking its 150th Anniversary.


*Major milestone for Virgin Galactic’s second spaceship

Virgin Galactic’s second commercial spaceship has reached its "Weight on Wheels" milestone – in which all the major structural elements of the vehicle were assembled, and the spacecraft is sitting on its landing gear for the first time.


*Experimental satellite launched

China has launched a new experimental satellite into orbit.


*The Science Report

Australia’s devastating bushfires made drastically worse because of man-made climate change.

Study claims menopause is affected by how often women have sex when as they get older.

Moscow’s new Avangard hypersonic glide nuclear missile enters service.

Palaeontologists discover new dinosaur fossils in Queensland’s Winton Formation.

A new study into dogs ability to understand human voices and gestures.

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