Confirmation of How the Universe Evolved

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 24 Episode 40

*Confirmation of how the universe evolved

Astronomers have discovered that much of the universe’s missing normal matter has been hiding in plain sight in the cosmic web.

*OSIRIS-REx's final asteroid observation run

NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has undertaken its final flyover the half kilometre wide asteroid Bennu passing just 3.7 kilometres above the alien world’s rugged rock strewn surface.

*Jupiter’s Great Red Spot still raging

Jupiter’s great red spot continues to shrink but it’s not giving up yet.

*The Science Report

Australia recommending people under 50 be given the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine rather than AstraZeneca.

Autism to be far more common than previously thought.

Nature's strongest material now has some stiff man made competition.

Just in time for Passover and Easter comes a new study looking at Australian spiritual beliefs.

Skeptic's guide to the irony of a coronavirus skeptic dying from Corona virus.

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