Claims the expansion of the universe could be different in different directions

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 32 

*Claims the expansion of the universe could be different in different directions

One of the fundamental pillars of cosmology is the understanding that the universe is 'isotropic – in other words everything looks the same in all directions -- if you look over large enough distances. But now new observations are questioning that. 


*The importance of a planetary magnetic field for life

Astronomers searching for planets capable of supporting life –look for terrestrial worlds orbiting in the habitable zones of their host stars.


*Strange gravity on asteroid Bennu

Astronomers studying data from the OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft orbiting the asteroid Bennu have discovered strange gravity effects on the 484 metre wide space rock. 


*The Science Report

More confusion about whether you should wear face masks in public to fight COVID-19.

The CDC says wear the masks.

But South Korean studies say they don’t help.

Scientists have mapped the genome of the German shepherd.

A new study has found that male drivers pose a higher risk to other people.


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