Centaurs Identified as Permanent Interstellar Visitors in our Solar System

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 41

*Centaurs identified as permanent interstellar visitors in our solar system

Astronomers have identified the first known permanent population of asteroids originating from outside our solar system.


*Asteroid Flyby

A two kilometre wide potentially hazardous NEO or Near Earth Object has just flown past Earth space.


*Keeping track of Bepi Columbo

As the European Space Agency’s Mercury bound BepiColumbo spacecraft undertook its 30 kilometre per second flyby of Earth the other week scientists with the University of Western Australia were keeping a close eye on it – just to make sure things were going as planned.


*More Iranian rocket secrets revealed

New images of last week’s Iranian rocket launch are providing more details about the test and exactly what really happened.


*The Science Report

All the available data on how COVID-19 infects the human body.

Studies suggest warmer weather in the northern hemisphere may not curb the transmission of COVID-19.

COVID-19 now affecting research into global warming.

Study shows 56% of kids aged 8-12, and 69% of teens aged 13-18, watch videos online every day.


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