Biggest Black Hole Collision Ever Detected

*Biggest black hole collision ever detected
Scientists have observed the most massive black hole collision ever seen. The event appears to have originated from a point some seven billion light-years away – at a time when the universe was just half its present age – and making it one of the most distant gravitational wave sources ever detected.
*A new estimate for the age of Earth’s core
A new study suggests the Earth’s solid inner core is between one and 1.3 billion years old.
*China launches top-secret reusable spaceplane
China has launched a new top-secret reusable spaceplane for the Peoples Liberation Army. China's state-run Global Times news agency saying Beijing should have the capability to strike anywhere on Earth within half an hour.
*The Science Report
Russia’s controversial new Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine appears to be working.
Ice loss in Greenland and Antarctica in line with worst-case climate change predictions.
A new study warns that mobile apps are harvesting data on preschool children.
The new hand-held video game console allowing indefinite gameplay without batteries.
Why educational standards plummet in Australia and the United States despite billions being spent.

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