Astronomers Discover a Massive Structure Beyond Laniakea

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 75

*Astronomers discover a massive structure beyond Laniakea

Astronomers mapping the distribution of galaxies around the Milky Way have discovered a massive structure beyond the Laniakea galaxy supercluster.

*New hypothesis to try to explain ‘Oumuamua

Computer simulations suggest the mysterious interstellar asteroid Oumuamua probably formed its strange elongated cigar shape through gravitational tidal forces as it was cleaved off its parent body almost like a slab of rock.

*Gilmour Space completes latest hybrid rocket engine test firing

Gilmour Space Technologies has achieved one of the longest hybrid rocket engine test firings ever undertaken -- a 110-second mission duration burn of its upper stage engine.

*The Science Report

How a crucial component of the immune system responds to the spike protein of COVID-19.

Age, gender, ethnicity, and underlying medical conditions key risk factors for death from COVID-19.

The first marine fish in modern times to be declared extinct.

The science behind the lofty and elite world of professional hot dog eating championships.


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