Are gamma ray bursts powered by a star’s collapsing magnetic fields?

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 33  

*Are gamma ray bursts powered by a star’s collapsing magnetic fields?

New research suggests gamma ray bursts -- the most powerful explosions in the universe since the big bang – may be caused by the collapse of a dying star's magnetic field.


*The mysteries of Uranus

A new study says the strange axis of rotation of the planet Uranus and the unusual properties of its moons and ring system were most likely caused by an ancient collision with another planet up to three times the size of Earth billions of years ago.


*Boeing to fly second unmanned Starliner orbital test flight

Boeing will undertake a second unmanned orbital test flight of its new CST100 Starliner spacecraft.


*The Science Report

More than fifty potential COVID-19 vaccines now being tested around the world.

Scientists say there’s no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted through eating food

New study looks at how COVID-19 affects young and middle aged adults.

They’re like taxis -You wait ages for a pterosaur and then suddenly four new species come along at once.

The new smart toilet that checks your health while you go.

Flat Earther dies in steam powered rocket crash.


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