88: Wolfe Creek Crater Younger Than Thought

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary S22E88 

*Wolfe Creek Crater younger than thought

Wolfe Creek Crater, one of the world's largest meteorite impact structures is much younger than previously thought.

*The first global map of Titan completed

The first map showing the global geology of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, has been completed revealing a dynamic world of dunes, lakes, plains, craters and other terrains.

*Astronauts carry out space walks to service the AMS

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have carried out the first two of a planned four space walks to service Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer -- a vital instrument which is studying antimatter, cosmic rays, and dark matter – some of the biggest issues in astronomy and physics today.

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*Planet’s unlike anything in our solar system discovered in nearby space

NASA’s newest planet-hunting satellite has discovered a pair of mini-Neptune sized exo-planet’s orbiting a nearby star – a type of planet not found in our solar system.

*The Science Report

Warm-tolerant species of fishes replacing their cold-tolerant counterparts due to climate change.

New study finds omega-3 fish oil supplements improve attention among some kids with ADHD.

People with literally half a brain have stronger connections between different functional brain networks.

A tiny deer – not seen for 30 years has been rediscovered in Vietnam.

Scientists develop virtual skin.

Spotting fake news is difficult enough these days – but what about spotting fake or junk science news.


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